СfP: CLIO 2022. XII International Conference for Young Scientists and Specialists

New States in the XX Century. Historical Documents, Research and Topical Problems of Archeography, Archivistry, Source Studies in the Russian and World History of the Modern and Recent Times

 ⇒ Call for Papers (PDF)

Venue: Russian State Archive of Social and Political History (15 Bolshaya Dmitrovka St., Moscow)
Time: April 14-15, 2022.

It is tentatively planned to hold the conference in an offline format. In case of changes in the format we will inform you additionally.

Federal Archive Agency 
Russian State Archive of Social and Political History (RGASPI)
Russian Historical Society 

With the participation of
Russian State University for the Humanities
Russian Historian-Archivists Society
German Historical Institute Moscow
Franco-Russian Research Center in Moscow
Russian State Academic University of Humanitarian Sciences

in support of 
“History of Motherland” Fund

Languages of the Conference: Russian and English

The year of 2022 marks the 100th anniversary of the formation of the Union of Soviet Socialist Republics – one of the new states which played an important role in the world history of the XX century. In this regard, the history of the creation and development of states, which were established during the XX century, is a central topic of the conference. “New States” refers to a wide range of state entities:

  • national states created after the continental empires collapse as a result of World War I;
  • Eastern European states that entered the socialist path of development after World War II (Warsaw Pact countries);
  • Eastern European countries of the post-socialist era, created upon the “velvet revolutions”;
  • former colonial states of Latin America, Asia and Africa that gained independence in the XX century;
  • independent states created upon the USSR collapse;
  • unrecognized states;
  • interstate formations: unions, confederations, leagues, alliances, etc.

Please apply for participation and submit an abstract before March 8, 2022.