ONLINE: The [Vienna] Imperial Crown of the Holy Roman Empire

  • 09.02.2022
  • 18.00 Uhr
  • 6 PM ( 18:00 ) UTC+3 Moscow | ONLINE [Zoom // YouTube]
  • Kolloquium Mittelalter/Frühe Neuzeit

Current Research on the Imperial Crown of Vienna presented by Dr. Franz Kirchweger (Kurator Kaiserliche Schatzkammer Wien, Kunstkammer Wien at Kunsthistorisches Museum Wien) in the framework of the joint seminar series of the GHI Moscow "Colloquium on the History of the Middle Ages and Early Modern Times" and the  "Symbolic Middle Ages" of the Centre for Medieval Studies at the Higher School of Economics (Prof. Michail Bojcov).

Working language: English

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The Imperial Crown strikes not only as a unique symbol of European history that has been preserved in the Vienna Treasury, but also as one of the most important works of medieval goldsmith's art. Its history has been researched for about 200 years. However, pivotal questions, such as the place and time of its creation, are still the subject of extremely controversial discussions among scholars. While suggestions for dating now range from 960 to ca. 1150 A.D., there is a lack of reliable evidence on aspects of materiality, production technique, original appearance, later alterations and repairs.

An interdisciplinary research project on these questions is being devised at the Kunsthistorisches Museum Vienna with the participation of international cooperation partners. In the context of this talk, insights into the planned measures will be given and put up for discussion.