ONLINE: Русское дворянство в эпоху Александра I

  • 23.06.2020
  • 18.00
  • Коллоквиум по истории XVIII-XIX вв.

Проф. Патрик О'Мара представит книгу "The Russian Nobility in the Age of Alexander I" (Bloomsbury Academic, 2019)

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Аннотация (eng)

The reign of Alexander I was a pivotal moment in the construction of Russia's national mythology. This work examines this crucial period focusing on the place of the Russian nobility in relation to their ruler, and the accompanying debate between reform and the status quo, between a Russia old and new, and between different visions of what Russia could become.
Drawing on extensive archival research and placing a long-neglected emphasis on this aspect of Alexander I's reign, this book is an important work for students and scholars of imperial Russia, as well as the wider Napoleonic and post-Napoleonic period in Europe.