Domesticity, Friendship, and Revolution: Nikolai Charushin, Networks of Exiles, and Traveling Narratives (1851-1937)

  • 27.01.2015
  • 18.00 Uhr
  • Konferenzraum des DHI Moskau (INION RAN, Erdgeschoss)
  • Kolloquium 18.-19. Jahrhundert-Forschung

Vortrag von Prof. Ben Eklof (Indiana University)


The lives of Populist revolutionary Nikolai Charushin, his prominent provincial family and networks of friends and exiles provide fresh perspectives on the empire-wide revolutionary movement,  the interweaving of state, society and business, the role of the zemstvo and provincial press, generational history and contested memories. The microhistory approach reveals how Populist men became insurance agents and librarians, and women domestic matrons, all the while preserving their revolutionary identities. Emphasis is given to „travelling narratives“ constructed collectively by aging Populists in the early Soviet period to defend their legacy against Bolshevik incursions.