Russia’s North Pacific between Imperialism and Globalization. Institutions and Spaces

  • 29.03.2018 - 30.03.2018
  • German Historical Institute in Moscow (Vorontsovskaya ulitsa 8/7)
  • Konferenzen


International Workshop at the German Historical Institute in Moscow

Russia, though controlling the longest coast in the North Pacific, has been studied predominantly in her relations with the European and the Atlantic worlds. This workshop focuses on Russia as a Pacific power from the 19th century until the present. Which political, economic, social, cultural or environmental entanglements created transnational spaces in the Pacific realm, how and why did they stabilize or break up or exclude Russia? Which were and are the driving forces behind these processes – states, companies, discourses or nature?

The aim of the workshop is not only to take stocks of research in historiography and related disciplines, but also to discuss perspectives for future research and cooperation between regional studies, historical and the social sciences. How does our understanding of the Pacific realm change if we consider Russia systematically?